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1. ChessBase Magazine #175 - Review
(Articles/Reviews )
... result the 8th round match between Russia and the USA was important.While Karjakin and Kramnik were held to draws by Caruana and Nakamura on top boards, young Robson lost to Grischuk. It only remained ...
2. 10 Ways to Improve Your Calculation Skills
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... following. Sometimes your thoughts will match high level players. We hope what is written above serves you as a good guide for your personal training. As usual, please let us know your thoughts in the ...
3. 10 Habits of a Chess Master
(Articles/General Information)
... the main event. Remember, while other athletes broadcast their results, they usually get a couple days off before their next match. In chess,everything goes fast and you need to stay focused. Internet ...
4. 7 Reasons Why Magnus Carlsen is World Champion
(Articles/General Information)
... qualified for the World Championship match against Viswhanathan Anand that he won 6,5 – 3,5. Since then he has managed to keep his crown and stay on top of the rating list, so how does he do it? He is ...
5. The Decisive Battle - World Championship 2016
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
Magnus Carlsen confirmed his position as the world champion with a successful defense of his title last November against Sergei Karjakin. After 12 games the score remained level and it was the mini match ...
... find something about the opening play in the Match. Maybe, that is where Karjakin could have done better. As it turned out, we found as many as 10 open games (e4 e5) annotated by Viktor Mikhalevski. However, ...
7. 3 Best Games from The World Championship Match 2016
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
For this week’s edition of the three best games we have chosen to comment three of the twelve classical games played in the World Championship match in New York. It was a tight match with very few (only ...
8. 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Find Best Moves
(Articles/General Information)
... Matches? Is it all inherent talent or those rules can be learned by others? The answer lays somewhere in the middle. Of course, there are rules that even amateur players can learn and master how to apply ...
9. 7 Best Games on Grunfeld Defense
Grunfeld defense is very popular choice for amateurs and professionals alike. It was tried and tested many times in elite tournaments and World Championship Matches including Kasparov - Karpov and Kasparov ...
The World Chess Championship match consists of 12 games with a classical time control: 120 minutes for 40 moves, then 60 minutes for 20 moves, and then 15 minutes plus 30 second per move until the end ...
Every player wants to play like famous Magnus Carlsen. We saw him crashing his competition, winning tournament after tournament and match after match. He has many perks including photographic memory, super-human ...
12. 3 Best Games of The Week – 41
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... Ukrainian Grandmaster Ruslan Ponomariov. Game 2: Another player with impressive results was the American Grandmaster Wesley So, who also won the gold medal on the third board. In their match against ...
13. 10 Steps for Getting Good at Chess – Fast
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... a real face-to-face competition is a must. Even when playing practice matches, the amount of value you gain from over-the-board games cannot be compared with online chess. There are no GMs and IMs that ...
14. 6 Ways Chess Masters Think Differently
(Articles/General Information)
... play full length sparring matches and so on. Master players also participate in training sessions extensively focusing on specific elements of the game. It is very helpful and this is something that makes ...
15. 7 Reasons You‘re Not a Grandmaster – Yet
(Articles/General Information)
... here, rather than spend months figuring out how to get that +0.5 out of the opening (if you are preparing for an upcoming World Championship Match please disregard my previous advice). Every chess player ...
16. 3 Lessons To Learn From Vladimir Kramnik
(Articles/General Information)
... the year 2000 when he employed it to neutralize Kasparov’s 1.e4 during the match for the world title, which he won. Not only this, but Kramnik is also one of the biggest specialists on the Catalan/ Reti ...
17. 3 Best Games of the Week - 37
(Annotated Games/Opening Theory)
... Judging by this game, Karjakin will have  a difficult match against Magnus for the world crown, he was outclassed with a side line against the Sicilian Defense and Magnus seemed to have won without ...
18. The Sharp Semi-Slav Defense
... a clear example of how to play for the initiative from an early stage in the game. The next example was played in 2008 in the match between Kramnik and Anand for the world crown. The Indian ...
... not convinced? Here are the 5 important reasons to try different openings: 1. You will find an opening that matches your style better Selecting what kinds of openings to play is a pretty random process ...
20. 7 Most Common Chess Mistakes for Under 1800 Elo
(Articles/General Information)
... many misunderstandings about this rule. Some weaker chess players contrarily to this rule prefer to position their pawn chain on the colors matching the bishop to be able to protect the pawns. Don’t make ...
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