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1. How to reach 1400 elo in 2 weeks?
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... time you should start off by learning the most important elements of the game. Those  are: 1. The Rules about the board and pieces 2. Basic Tactics 3. Basic Strategy 4. Openings Fundamentals ...
... and unwritten rules. There are many questions being constantly asked about the game. Chess players often get confused and surprised when common knowledge about the game turns out to be totally false. In ...
3. 10 Reasons You’re Not 2000 Rated – Yet
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... add some practice into your routine. Stick to 2/3 rules and you’ll be pleased with the results. 8. You don’t take the game seriously Some club players don’t take chess very seriously. They take ...
4. 6 Things to Keep in Mind to Find Best Moves
(Articles/General Information)
Every chess player wants to learn how Grandmasters make those incredible moves. Do they have a special set of rules they follow to find the moves that win games, tournaments and even World Championship ...
5. 6 Ways to Win a Chess Game
(Articles/General Information)
... the king and pawn endgame, you most likely have a winning position. However, by rules, it is not a guaranteed win. That’s why the game continues regardless of the material advantage. However, winning material ...
Chess is a game of rules and principles supported by the reality of concrete moves. To play well is not only necessary to calculate at a reasonable level but also to have a fine understanding of the concepts ...
7. 5 Things to Do for Breaking 2000 ELO
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... pieces, and finally take advantage of your opponent’s tactical mistakes. 2. Development & Basic Rules Upgrade your chess education by going through the games of strong players; could be of any period. ...
8. 10 Chess Patterns Every Player Should Know
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... can move if absolutely necessary. Black to move Chess Pattern 6: Absolute Pin Contrary to the example above the queen cannot move because it will expose the king, which is against the rules of chess. ...
9. 7 Things to Do Before a Chess Game
(Articles/Training Techniques)
... game is a very individual thing and there are no set rules about it. One thing is clear. You shouldn’t go to the extremes of overeating or not eating at all before a 6 hour game. Listen to your body, and ...
Chess is a difficult game to explain for beginners/club players. The complexity of the game lies in the fact that there exists a set of rules that help you reach the ultimate goal, but there are also dynamic ...
11. 7 Things About Chess Most Players Just Don’t Get
(Articles/Training Techniques)
Chess is a complex game, and even though the rules are pretty straightforward there are also some un-written rules that should be followed (or not followed). Oftentimes, chess players get confused about ...
12. 6 Ways Chess Masters Think Differently
(Articles/General Information)
... here to start your training using the day-by-day program. 3. Chess Masters Are Not Afraid to be Different Regular players tend to follow the rules. It is a good strategy until you reach certain level, ...
... it is common knowledge that three pawns can be equal to a minor piece or that two minor pieces are usually better that a rook. While these “rules” might be true in most of the cases, there are always ...
14. How to Win at Chess – 10 Key Tips to Follow
(Articles/General Information)
Winning at chess on under 1800 level is not as hard as it sounds. Outcome of most games is decided by serious mistakes or blunders. If you want to consistently win at his level, there are certain rules ...
15. 5 Things You Should Never Say to a Chess Player
(Articles/General Information)
... and checkers. Chess is by far a more complex game, with a much greater number of variations and rules. Checkers has fewer variations and was recently solved by a computer. That however, doesn’t make ...
16. 5 Ways to Improve Your Chess for Under 2000
(Articles/General Information)
... when your opponent breaks one of these basic rules. As an example, if he stays with the king too long in the center, try to exploit it by opening the position in order to start an attack, even at the cost ...
17. Pawn Structures and Attacks
(Articles/Middle Game)
... be followed as unbreakable rules. It should only be used as guidance when finding a plan and selecting candidate moves. There are many exceptions in which totally the opposite happens, mostly due to more ...
18. 6 Golden Rules of Chess
(Articles/General Information)
There is a set of golden rules of the game that every chess player must know. These rules have nothing to do with how the pieces move or where you should place your rook in the endgame. Each of these rules ...
19. 5 Chess Training Rules You Gotta Break
(Articles/Training Techniques)
Most chess players know the fundamental training rules. In order to improve at chess, they need to play more games, solve tactics, work with the books, and so on. Ironically, following the rules without ...
20. Extraction of The King
(Articles/Middle Game)
... rules concerning these sacrifices. Sometimes, even the lines are so long it’s difficult to calculate all the way to the end and you have to rely on your intuition. Ready to start systematic training that ...
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