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The FIDE Grand Prix Tournament has just commenced at Baku, Azerbaijan. This is the first of the four in the series to determine the candidates for the next cycle of world championship. Read more


Game of The Month

2013 was a terrible period for Viswanathan Anand. It was the year in which he lost the world championship title. In the pall of gloom there was one illuminating moment that lit up ... Read More


Chess Problem #8

The 1st Place was taken by Anatoly Mukoseev (Russia) followed by Bojan Vuckovic (Serbia) who came 2nd and Kacper Piorun (Poland) who came 3rd... Read More

chess problem 8

What is New in Theory? (April 2014) E-mail
Written by chessbibliophile   
Friday, 02 May 2014 00:00

what's new in chess theory april 2014In this update on ChessPublishing.com our columnist draws attention to some rare lines among other things -Ed.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 May 2014 09:00
10 Undeniable Signs You’re a Chess Player E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

20 signs you're a chess playerWith more than 700 million people in the world playing chess. The chess players come in different forms, ages and strengths.  

But some of the things 'come standard' for all chess players.

Here are the 20 undeniable signs that you're a chess player!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 April 2014 08:49
5 Strange Ways to Get Better at Chess E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Friday, 25 April 2014 00:00

5 strange ways to get better at chessYou probably heard many times, from different chess players and coaches that if you want to improve your chess you need to do this, this and that. What if you tried all that and it did not work? Should you get disappointed and give up chess forever?

Probably not, and if you're reading this you've made the right choice and keep trying to get better.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 18:24
ChessBase Magazine # 159 Review E-mail
Written by chessbibliophile   
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 00:00

chessbaseChessBase Magazine is the flagship of ChessBase and released every two months.

Our columnist offers a review of the latest issue-Ed.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 08:45
Rook vs. Bishop Endgame: 3 Important Tips to Follow E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Monday, 28 April 2014 00:00

rook vs. bishop endgameToday we will talk about another very important, fundamental chess endgame, namely, Rook vs. Bishop. If we compare this ending to a previously analyzed Rook vs. Knight, which is drawn in 70% of the games, this endgame draws only about 60% on 'pre-master' level.

Therefore, a more careful play is necessary for a defending side to achieve a draw.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 April 2014 09:06
Rook vs. Knight Endgame: 3 Must Know Positions E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Thursday, 24 April 2014 00:00

rook-vs-knightToday we will continue talking about chess endgames. Previously we have covered some of the most important endgames including Knight and Bishop Checkmate, Two Bishops Checkmate, Queen vs. Rook, Typical Rook Endings, Opposite Color Bishops, King and Pawn etc.  

Today's topic is one of the most fundamental endings every chess player must know: Rook vs. Knight. Is it a win or a draw for the stronger side? Let's find out!

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 April 2014 18:18
Total Chess: Delay Tactics E-mail
Written by John Herron   
Monday, 21 April 2014 00:00

delay tacticsDelay tactics do not occur immediately, but happen some time after the initial move.  

They all come from the German word ‘zug’ (pronounced ‘tsook’) meaning to pull or to tug.

See the rest reading the article:

Last Updated on Monday, 21 April 2014 08:18
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