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3 Hardest Mate-in-4 Ever E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

mate in 4Few days ago we have released an article 5 Chess Combinations to Solve Today. These weren’t exactly the hardest problems as some of the readers pointed out. That is why today we release these mate in 4 problems (they are much harder). So, if you want to challenge your tactical ability, this is your chance. Solve these 4 tactics problems, and compare you answers with the solutions posted at the end. Good luck!


Position 1: L. Knotec, "Cekoslovensky Sach", 1947

position 1

White to move and mate in 4

Position 2: V. Massman, "Die Welt", 1949

position 2

White to move and mate in 4

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Position 3: I. Shlarco, "Revista Romana de Sah", 1948

position 3

White to move and mate in 4




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Last Updated on Friday, 21 November 2014 09:54


+2 #4 Beverly 2014-11-26 02:06
Hi, question on puzzle 1.

What if after 1. Kg4, I do Kd4 then go back to Kc4, will there still be a mate in 4?
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+1 #3 mohammed 2014-11-25 04:52
thanks alot great puzzles
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+1 #2 Jason 2014-11-22 23:10
Oops, sorry I've just found out that I overlooked 1. ..h5. An honest mistake :) Please simply disregard my previous comment.. thanks and more power.
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+1 #1 Jason 2014-11-22 22:56
Correct me if I'm wrong but perhaps the second puzzle can be simplified into mate in three with these lines:
1. Rb6 h6
2. Rxh6 (...f4 or Kd5)
3. Rxb5++

now if 1. ...f4 or ...Kd5
2. Rb4xb5 ++

Please clarify.. thanks a lot..

Jason D.
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