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Chess Art: Photographs E-mail
Written by Yury Markushin   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 19:17

many chess pawns

Today’s topic is chess art. Here are some pictures of chess pieces’ combination that I have shot with Canon 60D DSLR camera. If you visit TheChessWorld.com on regular basis you probably will find some of these familiar. These are the images I have been using as my article’s pictograms. Some of them (actually most of them) however new and I haven’t published them before. Anyway, it’s better one time to see than 10 times to hear. Enjoy.

1. Chess Pieces' Mountain

many chess pawns

2. Chess Pieces at Rest

chess structure

3. Only one standing: the King

chess king black

4. Chess Island #1

chess island

5. Chess Island #2

chess white king

6. Rooks are canons

chess rooks

7. Knights' Star

chess knights star

8.Back to back chess

double knights

9. The pawn structure

pawn structure

10. Flying Chess Pieces

chess arrow

11.King's Notation

chess notation

12. Golfing Chess

chess and golf

13. Resignation

game over

14. Unstable King

chess king

15. Chess Fortress

chess tower

16. Chess Tower

chess pieces

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 00:14


+2 #3 Yury 2011-12-28 11:41
Thank you, more of the good (chess art) things coming! Stay tuned! :-)
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+4 #2 Anoop 2011-12-28 04:14
Very interesingily photographed chess pieces. Loved to watch.
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+3 #1 chessplayer 2011-12-15 22:14
nice pictures of chess! thanks! :-)
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