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National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most renowned and instructional coaches in the world, brings us this winning video collection on practical endings.

What is it about?

In this comprehensive bundle, Dan explains one of the most important topics in chess, namely how to be a successful endgame player. NM Heisman starts out by covering the basic endgame elements such as the power of connected passers, secrets of trading material, promotion technique and goes into the more advanced stuff like Trebuchet, Turnaround and Deep Positions.

Dan also focuses his attention on several different subjects, such as Zugzwang, pawn promotion, endgame technique, the all-important 7th rank, and more. And NM Heisman's gives examples taken from amateur games, which illustrate brilliantly how the club player normally deals with endgames, and how it is possible to improve [that where you should take particular attention to his advice!]

He finishes it off, with many instructional games with his superb analysis of each. In total, you’ll have 35 videos, totaling 17 hours to enjoy and improve with. Available to you at any time you need to train hard with and then brush up to keep sharp, and win those 4th quarter battles effortlessly!

This bundle includes some of the highest quality training material Dan Heisman has ever produced, aimed at all levels of play, although especially valuable for the intermediate and club players.

We will focus on one area at a time, mastering it before moving on, to make sure you grasp every and each important concept!



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What's Included?

  • Heisman Chess Endings - Video Course [17-hours]

    In this 17-hour package, Dan explains one of the most important topics in chess, namely how to be a successful endgame player. Available to you at any time you need to train hard with and then brush up to keep sharp, and win those 4th quarter battles effortlessly!

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    You download and keep all the materials for lifetime.

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    FREE 1-month membership at Internet Chess Club (ICC). Only available to first 25 buyers – new ICC account only. 

Thought Process


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  • The must-know 3 vs. 3 pawn endgame trick [this one alone will win you dozens of endings]
  • The "Trebuchet" principle and how to apply it for winning King and Pawn Endgames
  • Critical ideas to keep in mind you play King and Pawn Endings - every single time!
  • How not to let your endgame advantage disappear and fade into a loss?
  • The theory of working on your endgame technique [a must know for under 2200 players]
  • Strategy and step-by-step instructions to win most common Rook Endings
  • How to use activity of your King and Space to crash your opponents
  • And much more!
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Heisman Endings Bundle [35 chapters, 17 hours]

  1. 3-pawn vs 3-pawn endgame trick (0:30:21)
  2. Amateur King and pawn endgame 1 (Sample game) (0:24:00)
  3. Amateur King and pawn endgame 2 (Sample game) (0:28:23)
  4. Another instructive endgame (Sample game) (0:25:14)
  5. Another quick badly played endgame (0:31:19)
  6. Critical King and pawn endgame moves played instantly (Sample game) (0:35:30)
  7. Dance around (King and pawn endings) (0:25:08)
  8. Endgame advantage fades to loss (Sample game) (0:27:15)
  9. Endgame puzzle (Sample game) (0:27:04)
  10. Endgame see-saw (Sample game) (0:28:57)
  11. Endgame study neglected with fast play (Sample game) (0:32:34)
  12. Endgame Technique (0:27:05)
  13. Endgame turnaround (Sample game) (0:27:37)
  14. Exciting opening and endgame (Sample game) (0:31:26)
  15. Instructive King and pawn ending (Sample game) (0:31:34)
  16. Just One -Easy- Recapture in the Deep Endgame (Sample game) (0:28:08)
  17. Rook vs connected passed pawns (0:19:57)
  18. Silly mistakes lead to instructive endgame (Sample game) (0:24:20)
  19. Tactical rook and pawn ending (Sample game) (0:34:18)
  20. The real and mythical outside passed pawn (0:28:17)
  21. tough rook and pawn endings not held (Sample game) (0:29:59)
  22. Trading pawns when ahead (0:28:23)
  23. Trebuchet (king and pawn endings) (0:27:40)
  24. Zugzwang (0:29:14)
  25. King + 5 pawns vs King + 4 pawns (0:31:33)
  26. King + pawn + other vs King (0:32:36)
  27. King + pawn vs King + pawn (0:29:30)
  28. King + two pawns vs King + pawn (0:28:23)
  29. King and Pawn vs King 1 (0:31:16)
  30. King and Pawn vs King 2 (0:32:27)
  31. Pawn and king endgames are tricky (Sample game) (0:23:00)
  32. Pawn promotion or ... (0:27:38)
  33. Philidor and Lucena (0:26:34)
  34. Queen vs Pawn on 7th rank (0:33:59)
  35. Quick endgame moves turn win intro draw into loss (Sample game) (0:34:19)


NM Dan Heisman 

 is one of the most sought-after coaches in America. He coaches celebrities (including TV and radio personality Howard Stern) as well as the next generation of stars and has won multiple awards for his work.


  • Compared to books, these Endgame videos offer a very convenient method of understanding the topic. The package is very well made.
  • Mr. Heisman is a chess teacher par excellence, and this series showcases his teaching ability. He is clear and logical in his presentation of concepts. He gives a lot of great coaching tips and advice throughout. I particularly like the way he demonstrates sound chess thinking as he presents thematic material or as he comments on games. This series covers a wide range of topics that would be beneficial for most players. Highly recommended!
  • I haven't yet viewed all the videos but have already learned or relearned much of what I didn't realize I didn't know or had forgotten(?!). Very helpful from a club player perspective.
  • Thanks for ICC. That is what I need!



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